Josefina Stubbs has dedicated her career to the plight of poor women and men around the world.

Josefina Stubbs

Dominican Republic


Josefina Stubbs has dedicated her career to advocating on behalf of the poorest communities of the world. Starting in Oxfam in her home country, she has worked with grassroots organizations and local groups, donor organizations and governments, creating long lasting partnerships based on mutual understanding and concrete results. At the World Bank, she focused on designing new analytical, financial and policy instruments for the rural sector, which resulted in more effective and targeted pro-poor interventions. 

In the last eight years, Josefina Stubbs headed IFAD’s Latin America and the Caribbean Division before becoming Associate Vice-President of the Fund’s Strategy and Knowledge Department. As Director of the Latin America and the Caribbean Division, she led and managed the region's program strategy, people and financial resources with a focus on results-driven investments, strong partnerships and alliances, and increased policy and research capacities within and outside the region. Under her leadership, IFAD has raised its profile to become an uncontested leader in rural development in the region. 

In her role as Associate Vice-President of Strategy and Knowledge, Josefina Stubbs has led the definition of the new IFAD Strategy 2016-2025, a new corporate program effectiveness and impacts reporting system, and an innovative results and impact measurement framework. She has strengthened IFAD’s partnerships and alliances with governments, donors, research institutes and the private sector and, as part of the IFAD Executive Management Team, she contributed to all the Fund’s strategic decisions. 

In addition to her vast international experience, Josefina Stubbs holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Sociology and another in Political Science and International Development.

See Josefina Stubbs' resume.


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